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W.K. Kellogg Foundation Sponsored Projects

In the Nation's Compelling Interest: Ensuring Diversity in the Health Care Workforce

The United States is rapidly transforming into one of the most racially and ethnically diverse nations in the world. Groups commonly referred to as minorities – including Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, African Americans, Hispanics, American Indians, and Alaska Natives – are the fastest growing segments of the population and emerging as the nation’s majority. Despite the rapid growth of racial and ethnic minority groups, their representation among the nation’s health professionals has grown only modestly in the past 25 years. This alarming disparity has prompted the recent creation of initiatives to increase diversity in health professions.

Youth, Pornography, and the Internet

The Internet has changed the way we access the world. Anyone who can use the technology, even a child, can now access an enormous array of material, including educational links, sports info, chat rooms—and pornography. Youth, Pornography, and the Internet examines how we can protect our children without losing the many positive features of the Internet.

Health Literacy: A Prescription to End Confusion

Health Literacy: Prescription to End Confusion examines the body of knowledge that applies to the field of health literacy, and recommends actions to promote a health literate society. By examining the extent of limited health literacy and the ways to improve it, we can improve the health of individuals and populations.

Forthcoming Projects

  • Building a 21st Century Community Health Care System in Rural America
  • Agriculture, the Food Supply, and Health
  • Privacy in the Information Age
  • Assessing the Nation's Framework for Addressing Animal Diseases

Robert Wood Johnson Sponsored Projects

Insuring health series:

Children, health insurance and access to care:

The impact of medical errors and the potential to improve the quality of care:

Care for the dying:

Investing in public health:

Health Literacy:


Forthcoming Projects

  • Prevention of Obesity in Children and Youth
  • Crossing the Quality Chasm: Next Steps Toward a New Health Care System
  • Engineering the Delivery of Health Care: Priorities for Application and Research
  • Prevention of Obesity in Children and Youth
  • Physical Activity, Health, Transportation, and Land Use
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences in Medical School Curricula
  • Transforming Our Common Destiny: Hispanics in the United States

Annie E. Casey Foundation Sponsored Projects

Welfare, the Family, and Reproductive Behavior: Research Perspectives

The design of welfare programs in an era of reform and devolution to the states must take into account the likely effects of programs on demographic behavior. Most research on welfare in the past has examined labor market issues, although there have also been some important evaluations of the effects of the Aid to Families with Dependent Children Program on out-of-wedlock childbearing. Much less information is available on other issues equally central to the debate, including effects on abortion decisions, marriage and divorce, intrafamily relations, household formation, and living arrangements. This volume of papers contains reviews and syntheses of existing evidence bearing on the demographic impacts of welfare and ideas for how to evaluate new state-level reforms.

Forthcoming Projects

  • Improving Research Information and Data on Firearms

McCune Foundation


Forthcoming Projects

  • Water Quality Improvement for the Pittsburgh Region: A Model in Systematic Management of Wastewater with Multiple Political Jurisdictions

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