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New land formation in Atchafalaya Bay at the mouths of the Wax Lake Outlet and the Atchafalaya River. Credit: NASA.
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The Gulf Research Program is an independent, science-based program founded in 2013 as part of legal settlements with the companies involved in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster. It seeks to enhance offshore energy system safety and protect human health and the environment by catalyzing advances in science, practice, and capacity to generate long-term benefits for the Gulf of Mexico region and the nation. It funds grants, fellowships, and other activities in the areas of research and development, education and training, and monitoring and synthesis.

Stones MooringGulf Research Program to Collaborate with Shell on Ocean Observation Project

The Gulf Research Program is pleased to announce $1 million in funding to support the Stones Metocean Observatory Project, a pilot effort to convert an existing ocean mooring owned by Shell into the first long-term deep ocean observatory in the Gulf of Mexico. This collaboration with Shell and others will provide a new means to improve understanding of the Gulf of Mexico. Many ocean moorings throughout the Gulf have unused space that could hold instrumentation to collect data on and support understanding of ocean processes that significantly impact communities, industries, and ecosystems in the Gulf region. One of the goals of the Stones Metocean Observatory Project is for it to become a model for a network of similar ocean observatories throughout the Gulf and beyond.

    Image: Pak Leung

Education RFA image$3.2 Million Awarded for Education Projects to Advance Scientific and Environmental Literacy

The Gulf Research Program is pleased to announce nine grant awards totaling $3.2 million to support efforts to advance the scientific and environmental literacy of children and youth living in coastal regions. Coastal communities face a variety of unique social and environmental challenges likely to be exacerbated by threats like climate change, sea-level rise, and transitioning economies. These nine projects are aimed at helping the next generation of citizens, scientists, engineers, and decision-makers understand and prepare for the challenges and opportunities facing their communities, and will provide learning opportunities for children and youth in the coastal states of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, and Texas on a broad range of topics.
To learn more, read the full or visit the grant awards page.
    Image: Steve Debenport/iStock

Oil spill cleanup_Santa Barbara_NOAA-US Coast GuardGulf Research Program and Sea Grant Collaborating on Regional Oil Spill Preparedness Workshops

The Gulf Research Program is collaborating with the Sea Grant Oil Spill Science Outreach Program to convene a aimed at improving community preparedness for future oil spills. The workshops will bring together practitioners and stakeholders in five coastal regions around the United States to discuss the health, social, and economic impacts of oil spills and identify regional needs and priorities for improving preparedness. The workshops are being organized in response to a that identified opportunities for action to improve protection of community health and well-being from oil spills.


    Image: NOAA/US Coast Guard

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