Study on Family Caregiving for Older Adults

Type: Consensus Study
Topics: Aging, Children and Families, Health Services, Coverage, and Access
Board: Board on Health Care Services

Activity Description

An ad hoc Institute of Medicine committee will develop a report with recommendations for public and private sector policies to support the capacity of family caregivers to perform critical caregiving tasks, to minimize the barriers that family caregivers encounter in trying to meet the needs of older adults, and to improve the health care and long term services and supports provided to care recipients.

The committee will focus on family caregivers of older adults, typically age 65 and older. The report will analyze the prevalence of family caregiving and the demographic, societal, and technological trends that influence it. It will also examine caregivers’ roles and responsibilities, both current and expected in the future, and the impact of the caregiver role on individual health, employment, and well-being. Caregivers’ unmet needs and the gap between the projected demand for caregivers and the population available to serve as caregivers will be assessed and differences associated with race/ethnicity, culture, rural residence, and geography will be examined.

The report will also review the evidence of the effectiveness of potential supports for family caregivers and care recipients across a range of settings including, for example, in medical homes and other primary care settings, home and community-based settings, acute care hospitals, and residential facilities. These might include, for example, models of team-based care that include the family caregiver as member; approaches to training providers regarding the caregiver role; and models for training caregivers for their various roles.

In developing its policy recommendations, the committee will consider relevant federal programs and policies, private and public health insurance benefits and reimbursement rules, workplace issues, and other factors.

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