Strategies for Implementing Physical Activity Surveillance

Type: Consensus Study
Topics: Food and Nutrition, Public Health
Board: Food and Nutrition Board

Activity Description

An ad hoc committee will be convened to develop strategies that support the implementation of recommended actions to improve national physical activity surveillance. Specifically the committee will:

  • convene a group of experts that will examine and build upon existing recommended actions in four topical areas (children and youth, community supports for active transportation, healthcare and workplaces) to identify specific strategies for implementing those recommended actions; and
  • prepare a report of its findings and conclusions about strategies for implementing recommended actions to improve national physical activity surveillance;
  • and to meet the priority needs of the sponsor, provide guidance, oversight, and approval to a consultant who will develop tools to facilitate surveillance within the topical area of community supports for active transportation that will include:
    • two brief sets of prioritized questionnaires to assess: (1) an individual's perceptions of community support for physical activity; and (2) members of a professional organization's design policies and zoning codes supportive of active transportation (the consultant will develop a validation protocol for the questionnaires).
    • two "how-to" protocols to: (1) identify, capture, and store Geographic Information System (GIS) data in a centralized location, and (2) automate the remote collection of audit data.

The questionnaires and protocols received from the consultant will inform the committee's findings and conclusions about strategies for implementing recommended actions to improve national physical activity surveillance. The committee will prepare a report that includes the questionnaires, and validation protocol, and the "how to" protocols developed by the consultant. The committee's consensus report will be subject to standard NRC review procedures prior to release. Evaluation, validation, and testing of the questionnaires and protocols will not be carried out under the scope of this study. As part of dissemination, an all-inclusive manuscript (and/or separate manuscripts for each of the four topical areas) may be developed for submission to peer-reviewed publications.

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