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Human Resources

Human Resources


Work/Life Balance

Meaningful daily achievement and enjoyment in work, family, friends and self is difficult to balance and is different for everyone. It changes constantly.

Balancing work and life responsibilities are important. Balance takes into consideration our daily achievements at work, being able to laugh, enjoying what we do and nurturing our relationships with those who are special to us especially our family and our friends. It is not an easy task and it is sometimes difficult to manage.

At the National Academies we work to provide tools in this endeavor. The outcome for the individual is more control, value and balance both professionally and personally. The outcome for the organization is higher performance from more skilled, accountable and committed employees and managers.

We understand that managing the demands of a busy career and an active life outside the workplace can be difficult. Personal leave days, access to fitness facilities, an employee and family assistance program and flexible work arrangements provide employees with tools they can use to help bring balance to their lives.